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What to do in and around Tupiza

At the reception, one can buy postcards of Tupiza and Bolivia. Also for rent at the reception is a video film of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, who used to live here until they were killed in a gun fight with the police. The video is for rent for 6 bs, and to be seen at Hostal Valle Hermoso.

What the Lonely Planet says about Tupiza:

banned (if not they'd sue me and ban my site - sorry)

More general information about travelling in Bolivia at the on-line guide of Lonely Planet.

Special tours in Tupiza (make arrangments at Hostal Valle Hermoso):
­ bicycle rent: 65 bs per person all day
­ horse riding tours: 18 bs per person per hour
­ jeep tours to Waca Wañusca: 450 bs (5 hour trip)
­ long jeep tour (10 hours): 700 bs

Tips and info on things do do, places to visit or nice routes for hiking, biking, horseriding or jeep driving in the surroundings are available at the reception of the Hostal. The staff will be most happy to assist you in exploring Tupiza and it's beautiful surroundings. Learn more about some of the sites around Tupiza here.

Tip: Tupiza is a great place to take some Spanish language classes!


The town itself has a very nice, relaxed atmosphere. There is a regular market, where people from the surroundings come to buy and sell all kinds of things. It's nice just to sit on a bench in the beautiful park and watch the people go strolling by. It's easy to make friends here and mingle with the locals. There are several interesting colonial buildings and churches. You can climb the hill to the plateau with the big white cross. This site is called El corazón de Jesus (the Heart of Jesus). This is a magnificient viewpoint, from where you can see the whole town with the typical coloured mountains in the background.

You can also mail me if you've got any questions. It would be a pleasure to be of help.

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