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Links on Tupiza

Site of a Belgian traveller - very enthusiastic about Tupiza

Canadian says Tupiza is the cultural capitol of the young(in French)

Article in The Bolivian Times about Butch Cassidy and Sundance (nice photo's)

Short article on the outlaws with a few photo's

Nice article on film The Wild Bunch with dialogues

About Bolivia

René van Dam's Travelogue

Bolivia (and other countries) by bike at Biketrip

Lonely Planet: Traveller's info on Bolivia

CIA Factbook: Facts and figures

A backpackers guide to Bolivia

Wild Treasures of Bolivia

Music of Bolivia: Large collection of songs. Recommended!

A Virtual Trip To Bolivia, by CARE development agency

Cultures of the Andes: Stories, poems, songs and information on the Quechua language

General travelling

Crazy Trails: Exotic travel, exotic places, exotic cultures, exotic experiences and photography

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